leigh (bluelighter) wrote,

Brian and I woke up around 5am and went to NOLA to sneak into uptown. We parked and biked through a usually shady neighborhood that is now a ghost town. We got to the first checkpoint a few blocks from where we parked and I saw their big fucking guns. They asked us a few questions and we came prepared with a Jefferson pass and a bill from our apartment. They obviously weren't interested in us and let us go. We got to our apartment and I saw all my stuff for the first time in almost 3 weeks. We're so lucky. It's hard to talk to my dad or my friends who lived in Lakeview whose houses are still underwater. Everything I lost at my dad's, which is mostly nostalgic items or neglected clothes, don't matter compared to what they have lost.
We got into Bucktown and saw the breech with our own eyes. It was so surreal. I still don't understand why the break is that fucking big. I took a few pictures but people in boats in the levee were shooing us away so they're not great.
The city looks destroyed but I have a lot of faith that it will come back. Lakeview and the east might be fucked but there's hope. For the first time in almost 3 weeks, I am optimistic about something.
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