leigh (bluelighter) wrote,

We took a brief tour through mid-city today after recovering Brian's drums from Fountainbleu.

The city is still a ghost town.

Adrienne and Kurt: I took pictures of your houses.

Fountainbleu vending machine. Half of that shit was probably stale anyway.

No gas.

Adrienne's house. The water line isn't that bad compared to houses a few blocks from you.

Kurt's rocking the car on the lawn like true white trash.

Helicopter by American Can.
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Thanks for the pics Leigh :D
How did you guys get in?
We have an Orleans pass from Brian's Aunt's company, but they actually seemed more interested with my 70118 zip code driver's license from my mom's house.
They'll be letting us in soon!!! Just read online/saw it on the news.
It's crazy over there. You really are extremely lucky in your house placement. I'm not lying when I say that houses a few blocks away from you were 3' in water. I'll probably be back in there on Friday if you'd like to hitch a ride.
the back of our house isn't raised so it did get 3 feet; our garage, which was our storage area and laundry room, and the downstairs den that also randomly served as my sister's crash pad.

i'm not sure when i'll be able to go out there b/c i start work back up on monday and b/c 2 of the other nursery teachers quit, i am now working there full time (mon-fri 8-4), but thanks for the offer.

were you able to sneak a peak at mi casa en lakeview?
I'm terrified to go into Lakeview because of the mud.
That was a sad sentence to type.
i cant believe its still all fucked up.
...I want that helicopter...in my front yard.
You really don't.
I miss you. You need to be better at that whole phone thing.
I know I know, i get that from everyone. I need to put down the crack that is call world of warcraft..
If you really want the phone people to stop calling you a non-phone returner than yes, you'll put that shit down.
I miss you.
Awww, and they just redid the outside of Nicks = \
Yea a whole new outside park bench area. However, I don't think that they intended them to be impaled on the new fence.

Deleted comment

You're around town?! You need to call me and we need to get our drink on asap. I'm serious kid. I'm going to call you tomorrow.

Deleted comment

I agree. I miss Kurt!
when did nicks get a sand box with a fence around it?
Probably a half a year ago. They were really trying to move up in the world until that guy was shot and killed next to the juke box 3 months back.
yeah i heard about that and thought to myself...wow i'm glad i wasn't there. its a pretty small bar to be shooting in. i had some great times there when i was 19-20 but jeeez that place is a shit hole lol. why would anyone wanna hang outside there and smell moldy buildings and trash.
It's a shit hole that my grandpa, my dad, and myself got trashed in. It's, sadly or amusingly, a makeshift tradition in my family.
I too enoyed frequenting that shit hole ;)


11 years ago



September 29 2005, 16:30:30 UTC 11 years ago

Look, all I wanna know is, IS THE ROCK N' BOWL OKAY?!? Just kidding. But seriously, I hope you're doing well and that I get to talk to you soon. I also hope that people who used Animal Rescue signs to get into New Orleans actually helped some animals. I spent the first week after the storm busting my butt to help get people's pets saved and actually stressed myself out so much that I got sick for 3 days (and I never get sick anymore). Anyway, that's my rant for today.

Also, if you're not on the facebook already, then you should get on it if for no other reason than to see the picture of me rocking my 8-10 inch mohawk (estimated height is due to me not measuring it when it was up). Liberty spikes: check. Coming soon: straight-up continuous mohawk.

Later brah,
I saw a whole bunch of doors where the SPCA spray painted doors of animals who were rescued. The first time we went in, we passed by a huge open bag of cat food and about 8 strays enjoying it.
As for your mohawk... crazy. email me pictures leighelizabeth1983@hotmail.com