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[29 Aug 2002|10:23pm]

sorry. i'm just a huge axl rose fan.... huge.

and he might tour? oh fuck yea.

i've been waiting for this since i was in first grade... i feel my life would then be complete.
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[29 Aug 2002|10:10pm]
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[29 Aug 2002|10:00pm]
jimmy fallon-
"stay tuned something big is coming up... have a little patience"...

axl??!!?!?! axl?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

*on the edge of her seat*
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[29 Aug 2002|09:36pm]
hahhaha mtv video awards are making me laugh.
who knew that the audience would boo eminem.

it's like a bad drama.

allthough i was a little too over excited when sammy hagar and david lee roth came out at the same time.

k i'm gonna go do something productive.
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[28 Aug 2002|11:34pm]
effin school.

i was so tired tonight that i only had 4 rolling rocks at nicks.

they actually carded me at the bar too!!!! what the fuck?!?!

no worries... it was a new bartender and colin said 'oh no she's a regular'.

damn straight. i don't spend $20 a week at nicks to be carded.

anyways. school at noon. maybe i should get some sleep.
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[28 Aug 2002|08:28pm]
$1 rolling rocks at nick's tonight......... but i'm sooooo tired.


school is really interfering with my alcoholism.
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[27 Aug 2002|12:57pm]
[ mood | awake ]

$2 fuck me ups at nick's last night caused some sillyness.

the freshmakerCollapse )

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[25 Aug 2002|03:50pm]
[ mood | amused ]

heeeeeeee's baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

sean the 'up in the tree with your ak47' is back leaving me 10 minute voicemails and sitting outside my house.

he's claiming something about a sweatshirt?
i don't have this 'sweatshirt'.

... but the ass still has my cure and tool cds.

i was wondering when he was going to start stalking me again... i mean it's been 2 months!
that's the longest he's gone without contacting me in the 2 years he's been stalking me!

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[24 Aug 2002|10:04am]
[ mood | hungover ]

i think i'm still drunk.

highlights of last night included:

  • one innocent ameretto and pineapple at nicks

  • ghetto mart to get some boones and beer

  • sailboat

  • swimming in our under garments in lake pontchartrain (ick)

  • possibly being the first people ever to drink boones in the lake

  • gerard's tighty whiteys

  • beer beer beer beer..... beer

  • gerard losing adrienne's undies in the lake thus causing adrienne to have no underwear on 'no underwear tuesday'

  • beer and even more beer

  • very drunk going over to ryan's

  • ariel trying to molest me... hmm

  • woodchuck - granny smith

  • getting away from ariel - ninja style

  • going into ryan's room and waking him up in a very interesting way

  • good sex

  • good sex

  • screaming

  • good sex

  • walking home

there are patches lost due to lack of memory. those will probably be filled in by
"dude! you were so drunk last night! you _______"

very much fun was had.
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[23 Aug 2002|01:01am]

i was having fun at tyson's getting my cranberry and vodka on until vicky ditched me to go hang out with michael.

fuck you.

now i'm home and don't want to be.

i called ariel and he said he'd call me back in 30 mins. don't know if i want to go over there or not.

i do know that i want to be fucked up.
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[20 Aug 2002|11:27pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]


ryan just called me up to apologize about not calling me on sunday.
he was supposed to call me on sunday?

adam quit the band so they are trying to find a bassist something blah blah.

ok dude.

i'm thinkin that he feels that he has some obligation to me when he should know that he owes me nothing.

but it was nice to talk to him and i'm probably gonna see him soon.

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[20 Aug 2002|06:04am]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

well... this was an interesteing conversation between frank and myself that just happened.

was completely out of nowhere to me...
i'm oblivious when it comes to people who have crushes on me.

but now i get to look foward to the awkwardness that follows these types of situations.

i feel bad nowCollapse )

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[20 Aug 2002|04:45am]
JazzHandsP: I LOVE YOU!!! (So much more then you know.)
wrecked242: you just made my night

and now my shitty mood is gone.
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[20 Aug 2002|03:32am]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

i really didn't feel like going out tonight.
sorry to those that called me up and tried to get my lazy ass out the house. :(

the lovely pete called me tonight... but it was just to give me a lecture.
thanks vicky.
why don't you take a minute to reflect on your own choices and actions instead of focusing on the lives of your friends.

that really annoyed me for some reason.
she didn't really care that much about my well being last night... she in fact went to hang out with michael instead of hanging around with me.
that really shows how "so worried" she truly was about me.

but she had nothing to "worry" about in the first place.
i was completely fine.

ending bitch mode..... now

i really need some fucking money.
i need another piercing. soon.

the next holes on my list are my nipples. i'm so obsessed with them, i might as well get myself some.
not gonna get anymore facial piercings. i'm content with just the two.... plus jobs and such.

i need a job.
i need to focus on school as well.

i've been freaking out about my future way too much lately.
i'm honestly scared shitless.
i have unachievable goals by my own fault.
i'm fucked.

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[19 Aug 2002|01:55am]
[ mood | drained ]

another whoa night.

i went over to frank's house where good time fun people were.

i had a 40 bag left over from last night so i said to myself
"hey leigh... lets do a 40 bag of k!".

as i put the powder on the mirror the electricity went out.

so i used my cell phone as a source of light and railed the entire 40 of k.

then i started to hallucinate a bit...

they had one of those lanterns that uses a candle... looks like something that they used in the days before electricity.
so as i was sitting there i started to believe that we were in the civil war days.
i started to think crazy thoughts like
"this is what george washington must have done back when their electricity went out... oh wait... they didn't have electricity."
it went on from there.
something about how george washington's wife was in fact martha stewart, not martha washington.
yea... i was pretty fucked up.

everyone else was drinking so i guess no one was in their right mind's.

at one point they wanted to get the lantern out of the kitchen and i said i would get it.

in my stupid k haze i grabbed the lantern in the wrong part (and held on to it for a few seconds since i couldn't feel anything) and now i have a very very bad burn on my thumb and index finger on my left hand.

friends don't let friends grab lanterns on k!!!!

it fuckin hurts.

so i sobered up, had a few pineapple amerttos and then left when vicky and michael showed up.
not in the mood for any drama.

so now i'm home.
got my fingers in a bag of ice... my cherry vanilla fruitopia... and my lance white cheddar popcorn.
yum, ouch.

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[18 Aug 2002|04:48pm]
aparently 5 mins. after i left last night there was almost a shootout between my friend erik and some other kid.

the kid pulled out a gun with the idea in his head that he was going to take everyone's drugs.
erik then pulled out a gun too.
so the kid got into his car and left.

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[18 Aug 2002|02:58am]
[ mood | weird ]


tonight i hung out with this kid who was my best friend from ages 12-15.
i hadn't seen him in like two years.
that was crazy.

i also saw charlie krous (sp?). i haven't seen him in like two years either.
crazy crazy.

me and vicky went over to this girl something or other's house.
she's 18 or something and has the most beautiful fuckin baby i've ever seen.

so to sum up the night -
saw people i haven't seen in years
saw some people that used to hang around ashlins
had some fun

..........................and i did a lot of k.

yay for k!

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[17 Aug 2002|02:24pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

this is like the 5th day in a row that fuckin thunder has waken me up with 4-6 hours of sleep!

last night was fun. i don't remember a lot of it actually.

i met up with vicky, tyson, and tanner at nicks around 11 ish.

all the usual faces were there ... which included michael.

vicky started to get very dramatic about whatever the fuck is going on between them.
i fuckin hate drama.
she said something about how she is all depressed because he doesn't want her... and i get to hear:
"why doesn't michael like me" - [*repeat 8 to 13 times*]

he doesn't like you! you've only known him for two weeks! it's not that hard to accept it and move on! you aren't in the 8th grade anymore!

what i'm really mad about is that i'm having a hard time hanging around michael now. like last night he left because vicky was literally trying to get up on him.

enough rant...

so vicky left and i sat outside nick's talking to some guys about something or other till 3 am.
i dunno... i probably made an ass of myself - i tend to do that when i'm drunk.

blah blah blah.... and that's about it.

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[17 Aug 2002|03:15am]
wthoever fuck let me drive home tonight is an idiot because i'm drunk as a mother fuckin skunk

igkejajf ejti2 3u49oajdmfmv YEaa H
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[16 Aug 2002|04:36am]
[ mood | tired ]

tonight i went to the quarter with adrienne. was fun fun.
met up with some people... saw some friends at 80s night.

saw jesus... got a pamphlet from him.
seriously that giant cross that he carries must get annoying. and having to haul that thing around bourbon street must be a huge challenge.


i said goodbye to my lauren :(
i'm gonna have to go visit her in new york soon.... and i will :)

i'm bored now...

vicky just called me and wants me to go over to frank's.... but it's like 4:30 AM and there isn't anything fun going on over there.

i need drugs..... jesus wouldn't like that though

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[15 Aug 2002|06:32pm]
[ mood | sad ]

lauren [ellemb] is leaving tomorrow for college all the way in NY.

ahhhhhhhh! lauren! how am i supposed to go till christmas without seeing you?!?!
you better come back with some good stories - good as (but not exceeding) the barnes & noble story.

and no matter how scary or crazy it is in new york just remember:
at least it's not herpes!

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this may borderline 'too much information'. [13 Aug 2002|11:34pm]
[ mood | content ]


if the tan and 4 pack wasn't enough, he had to go get his nipples pierced. my biggest fuckin weakness!

so fuckin yum.

besides that i'm in a good mood about the events that happened tonight between me and ryan.

instead of the usual "want to go talk?" which usually leads do a "hey what's up" and then the removal of the pants, we actually talked.
was very nice. i just want to be comfortable around him again.
we talked, we joked, we tried to beat each other up with socks.

but then, of course, we got freaky.

it really wasn't as emotional as the last time.

see i look at it like this.
with all my past fuck buddies, there's always been a sturdy friendship there.
so it was completely cool whether we sat there watching a movie or we banged the walls so hard with the headboard that the house alarm went off....
ah miles... memories...

anyways i think that's what the deal is.

sex involves a certain level of comfort for me.
i've never been the one to fuck someone i just met that night. and neither is ryan.

so all in all i think it was a very* good night.

and oh my god the nipple rings...

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[13 Aug 2002|02:35am]
i fuckin found lance white cheddar popcorn!!!!!

i shit you not!

lauren!! go to the spur near bonnable and look! stock up with like 50 bags before you leave! soooooooooo fuckin good.

reminds me of high school *tear*
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[13 Aug 2002|02:01am]
mission accomplished:

i'm drunk as a skunk
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[12 Aug 2002|09:26pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

why the fuck is he doing this to me?

when i was checking my voicemail on saturday i deleted any messages that sounded like they were boys right away due to a 30 year old guy that has been stalking me.

on one message, i hit the delete key right after i heard a "hey leigh"...

i sat there for a moment because i thought it was ryan's voice. i said naw and let it go.

i was just in the shower and i get a new message

'hey leigh this is ryan... still haven't heard back from you. give me a call."....
so i called him and he asked me if i want to hang out tomorrow.

he said he has practice until 9 and has to go to sleep by 11 so
"it's up to me" "you get my drift".

pretty much he was implying that he wants me to come over tomorrow to fuck him.

why does he do this? i can't even describe how much i feel like a worthless fuck right now.

the saddest thing about this is that i'm probably going to go over there and fuck him.

someone please kick me in the face... hard.

i'm gonna go get drunk.

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[12 Aug 2002|07:04pm]
thing about david blaine on the abc network. everyone must go watch.

this guy went up to my friend adam, told him to pick a card from a face up pile...
adam picked up the 4 of spades...

david blaine then told adam to pick up a basketball that was on the court and open it.

inside the fuckin sealed basketball was the 4 of spades.

what the fuck!?
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[12 Aug 2002|04:31am]
believe it or not...

i updated my website.

nothing special ... i'm just bored as a mother fuck.
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[11 Aug 2002|06:00pm]
sushi two days in a row!
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[10 Aug 2002|06:06am]
woo! i had a very fun fun night.

it was lauren's going away party at erins tonight.
i'm very proud of myself that i went to that instead of going to see ryan. yay me!

lots of good time friends showed up.

mark was there and we of course had some sexual tension going on between us. but.... NO HOOKING UP WITH EXS!

it was very fun and drunk indeed

highlight of the night:
i pulled out some sugar packets from god knows where and said
"wouldn't it be funny if we told vicky this was coke"

so lauren went ahead and grabbed a mirror and a credit card and crushed it up.
vicky came in and saw it and was like "oh wow".

she then took a bump of the sugar and then two lines.
everyone in the room was crying from laughing so much. it took her one more bump before she realized it was just sugar.

much fun! she then got pissed and left.

lesson learned:
don't fuck with a coke head!

anyways the rest of the night was lots of fun and i'm drunk. yup drunk and typing. lots of fun.

i only got to take a few pictures before my camera died... so...
enjoy!Collapse )
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[09 Aug 2002|07:03pm]
yay! i got an e mail from my step brother who i worry about constantly.
right now he is in uzbekistan i think.
he does some haz-mat or anti terrorism thingy for the fbi. he has one of those jobs that you're not allowed to talk about or something.
i do know that he is going to scary pakastan in a few weeks... yikes

anyways he sent me a pictures of him and his new pet, mo.
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