leigh (bluelighter) wrote,

I went to the Mardi Gras.

Many Pictures...

Adrienne and Gerard were kind enough to let us celebrate the Mardi Gras in their front yard.

Brian came with me.

We saw LeAnn Rimes.

More importantly though, we saw confetti.

We listened to Christian and Ronnie play on two turn tables.

My Jehovah Witness in crime was there with a stylish new beard.

So was a Zia.

And her step brother who is Chris Farley reincarnate.

Very sexy.

We saw Flambos...

and had beads thrown at our face.

All in all it was a lovely time. Thanks to Adrienne and Gerard for letting us Mardi Gras it up at your house. Brian and I were drunk before the sun fell and spent the rest of our night being lazy at his house. That's about all the Mardi Gras I wish to deal with for one year. Any picture that wasn't up on here can be found here.
Bye now.
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the confetti picture rocks. <333

thanks. much love for confetti.
Where are the boobies?
if you go to mardi gras on monday, give me a call---985-705-1936. i have a room at the royal sonesta that night... i think some of my friends and i might hit up the zulu all-star rave at state palace that night.
It's so yuck outside.
Have fun at the rave if you go, I think I'm going to pass this time.
love story telling with pictures.
i'm so glad you guys made it out.
it was wonderful seeing you!
we NEED to hang out more.
much love to you!
Thanks again for inviting us!
And we will hang out more. Now that I'm unemployed, I have way too much time on my hands! I'd love to go for a day of shopping with you and the kid!
sadly i don't think i'm getting Ki back until sunday.
that's if i can make it.
i may end up finding a way to my mom's and hanging there for a few days.
i really need a vaca from new orleans.
i almost bought a plane ticket to visit sophie this week but couldn't bring myself to spend the money.

lovers yous!!!

I ran out of margarittas :(

I'm sure you were nice and sloshed anyway <3