leigh (bluelighter) wrote,

A drunken tribute to that which we have lost (In the key of Barry Manilow)

Oh Nick's
I came and you served without carding
But now you're floating away, oh Nick's
I drank and the room would start spinning
And I need you today,
Oh Nick's.

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ha! this makes me smile!

Deleted comment

And there's where Christian tackled me in the street.

Deleted comment

I didn't really want to go back ever since that guy got killed there, but I actually miss it too.
You liked it :)
You know it :)
Haha! 1 800 fuck me ups!!! Oh wow I used to go there all the time when I wasn't leagl.
Me too. I can't believe I could actually stomach that stuff.
haha i remeber some great times there when i was 19. i went back a few times in the last year and had a great times. a lot of memories there :p
Sadly I can't remember a lot of memories there.
this really makes me wish i had money, a job, a home, my friends in the same place, my old life back!
I miss those things too. Life was so easy when I was puking 1-800fuckmeups.
yes life was easy when most of your worries consist of wondering whose shoes i may have puked on friday night or where i parked my car.